A couple of manly breakfasts

If you don’t have time for the omelette, try these:

(1) I do all of this in a blender bottle which you can get at any health food or vitamin store.  You could use a real blender but that’s overkill.  Maybe you have a little hand blender?

Pour in about 8 oz milk or Silk.  Add a scoop of protein powder, the kind that comes in massive bags or bottles and gives you 25g of protein per scoop.  You can get protein powder anywhere, from health food stores to grocery stores and Costco.  I think they are all pretty much the same but some brands taste better than others.  I found chocolate flavor works best with this recipe but anything is fine.

Add a scoop of clear fiber supplement, like Benefiber or the Metamucil Clear and Natural.  Bonus tip: if you use chocolate flavored protein powder and add orange flavored Metamucil, then you get orange chocolate, which is kind of like a Terry’s chocolate orange in liquid form… but I find the psyllium based fiber supplements get all clumpy.

Next, add a spoonful of hemp hearts for a little more fiber and protein, plus they add a slightly nutty flavor.  You can get hemp hearts from Whole Foods or any health food store (I assume).  They are kind of like flax flakes except softer in texture and milder in taste.

Shake up the concoction and drink.  You need to give the bottle a swirl before every swig or the hemp hearts settle to the bottom. You’ll get around 30g of protein and a few grams of fiber.  It’s almost enough to hold me ’til noon, but usually I need a few almonds at around 11 to get me through the morning.

Rinse out the bottle and put it out to dry.  Boy was that ever easy, and you get to feel like Rocky except with hemp hearts instead of raw eggs.  Progress.

(2) Here’s an even simpler one.  First, wrap two strips of pre-cooked bacon in a paper towel, then zap in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  Add a small dollop of BBQ sauce or HP sauce or whatever for dipping.  Restrict yourself to a wee dot of sauce per morsel of bacon.

Then add a generous blob of low fat cottage cheese and a small blob of low sugar strawberry jam.  Stir it up.  Voila!  Quick and easy.

It’s about 25g of protein but maybe 12g of carbs.  Oh well.  Live a little.  You can always cut out the jam and sauce and be miserable.

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