Manly microwave omelette recipe

Here’s a quick and ultra-low-carb yet tasty-and-filling recipe for a morning omelette, that’s easy to make and requires little cleanup (especially if you have a dog).

First, spray olive oil Pam in a microwaveable bowl.  If you don’t have that, smear some olive oil around the bowl with your fingers.  This is important because egg sticks like concrete when it dries.

Next, crack two whole eggs into it.  If you haven’t heard, eggs are back on the healthy menu because they have good and bad cholesterol, and the good more than counters the bad.  Still, my doctor doesn’t recommend more than two yolks a day, so I add a little Egg Beaters to the mix, say another egg’s worth.

Add a splash of milk, because it makes the eggs fluffy (science!) and adds a little protein.  Chop some cheddar cheese and drop it in.  Add real bacon bits, either crumbled from a pre-cooked strip, or you can buy them precooked and prechopped in little bags or bottles.

Optional one: chop a little bell pepper and onion and toss them in.  Optional two: add a tablespoon of hemp hearts or ground flax for fiber and Omega-3.

Stir the concoction with a fork, cover the bowl with a paper towel, and stick it in the microwave.  Cook 3 minutes for two eggs, and 4 minutes for three eggs or equivalent Eggbeater combo.  Cook at 70% power to heat evenly.

At around the halfway mark, pop open the microwave and give it a stir with the fork.  If you forget to do this, no biggie but the texture will be uneven and all the veggies will be at the bottom.  Also you can get nasty air pockets which explode and spray hot egg at you when you poke them.  Also at this point, you can add chopped tomato bits.

Generally I consider the omelette done when it feels done and there is no liquid left dribbling around on the bottom of the bowl, however depending how many veggies you put in, there may be a little liquid left anyway.  More for the dog.

When done, flip it onto a plate, then add salt, pepper, and Tabasco.  It’s around 25 grams of protein and almost no carbs.  There is a little fat, but when you are low carbing you don’t care about fat so long as it’s reasonable and mostly non-saturated.  (Low carb beats low fat every time.)

Cleanup is simple: give the bowl to the dog for a prewash then pop it and the cutting board into the dishwasher.  Since I don’t have that many microwaveable bowls or cutting boards, and my dog is getting rather complacent about cleaning every last bit of egg from the bowl, I have started washing by hand which adds an extra 2 minutes.

My wife’s contribution: chop the veggies and cheese ahead of time and store them in Tupperware bins in the fridge.  Over the week this saves a lot of time in the chopping and cleaning up phases.  Danger: this requires some planning ahead.

If you try it, let me know if you like it, and/or if you have any variations of your own.

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  1. oh, and increasing the hemp hearts to three tablespoons instead of one will add an extra twelve grams of protein and numerous other fibers, vitamins and minerals. the coconut oil will also add numerous wondrous benefits to your health. I don’t have a dog, but I feed it to my cats and they are more energetic, shed less, no more fur balls, eat less and no longer attract bugs or parasites, such as ticks, fleas, worms, etc

  2. use organic coconut oil instead of Pam, your dog will be healthier, and so will you lol. I also chop onions and peppers ahead of time, as well as make my own bacon bits with lean turkey bacon from costco, also agreed if time and keep them in the fridge. I use two full eggs and the white from a third, and I use three tablespoons of hemp hearts, for cheese I use lebnah cheese which is naturally salty, so what I do is buy the caraway seed version, boil it for about five mins, let it cool and crumble it, store it in the fridge too for the week, it adds delicious flavor and well, caraway or cardamom seeds are just awesome. I also add a half teaspoon of organic balsamic mustard… enjoy!

    • Wow! I bow to the omelette master. I’ll try some of that out. I love caraway seeds. However, instead of wasting an egg yolk, why not buy the whites separately…. like egg beaters or something?

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