Audible has cheap audiobooks

I’ve rattled on about Audible and audiobooks in a previous post.  Well, last week I found myself without one.  I had spent my two credits for the month… The Horror! … what to do?

Audible was showing a $10 credit for something, no idea where that came from (crossed over from Amazon?) so I figured I should spend it.  I tried looking for low cost books.  They used to have a category for that but it’s gone.

On a whim, I tried a search by keyword for “books under $5” and lo! I got a crapload of them.  Most were radio shows or excerpts (teasers) but I was able to filter them out by using the “Refine Search Results” in the left column.  Picking “audiobook” and choosing a length over an hour filtered out most of them.

I decided to go a step further.  Searching for “free books” got everything with “free” in the title… so I tried “books under $1” and got lots of free books.

Most were crap, but one was Legion, by Brandon Sanderson, the author of the excellent Mistborn series.  A well written and well narrated two hour short story, for free.  Not bad, eh?

After I finished that, I splurged and spent $5 on Oliver Twist as narrated by Dickens’ great-great-grandson.  He is turning out to be a pretty good narrator.

Anyone got other Audible tips to share?

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  1. I know this was years ago, but I’m currently looking for audiobooks under five dollars, so I’ll definitely have to try this!

  2. Sort of… apparently you can buy books as a gift for people:

    Look at “How do I purchase a book for a friend?” Books have a “give as a gift” button.

    I am willing to be your guinea pig…

  3. i’ve got more credits than I can use – do you know if it’s possible to transfer them to another user?

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