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Introducing the BLT Salad

Time for another recipe!  A short one.

Yesterday I had a hankerin’ for a toasted BLT sandwich, so I looked in the fridge for the primary ingredient.  You would think that is bacon, right?  Nope.

BLT sandwich 1.jpg

When you want to make a sandwich, what is the first thing you reach for?  That’s right.  Bread.

Maybe someone should write a paper on that.  Say you go into a restaurant and they list their sandwiches: BLT, Reuben (the perfect sandwich), ham and gruyere with French mustard and apple slices, turkey and grilled cheddar cheese, corned beef with tomato jam and field greens, grilled chicken with aioli pesto and goat cheese.  Notice what’s missing?  Yep, they never mention the bread.  Or the butter, for that matter.  Yet bread and butter are steps one and two of making a sandwich.  Do we just assume their existence, or are we secretly ashamed of them?

But I digress.  I had no bread, and if you are trying to lose weight (a perpetual state for me) bread is your enemy anyway.  So I experimented a little.

I crisped four slices of precooked bacon in the microwave.  I piled romaine lettuce leaves on a plate, then tore the bacon into chunks and dropped it on the lettuce.  Next I added chunks of red tomato and a generous dollop of Smart Balance mayo.  A little pepper, some crumbled pecans for extra protein, and a few croutons in sympathy for the missing bread.  Finally, I topped it off with sprinkles of parmesan cheese just because I could.

Tada!  I had lunch in less time than it took to write this.

I figure it’s about 25g of protein, and a handful of fat and carbs to make life worth living.

I don’t expect it to appear on restaurant menus everywhere (or anywhere) but if you do see it, make sure you tell them where you saw it first.

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