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Try a Coke Float and You’ll Never Go Back

I admit I’m a Coke addict.  I find Pepsi too sweet and I like the bite of Coke.  However, I don’t want all those horrible calories in my drinks.  I’ll save my calories for chocolate and ice cream, thank you very much.

That’s why the Coke folks created Diet Coke.  But I don’t like the taste of aspartame.  So what to do?

Simple!  Add a little Coke to your Diet Coke.

A little Coke neatly covers up the taste of aspartame.  Yes it adds a few calories.  So park your car a few stalls farther away and walk the next time you go to the supermarket, instead of driving around for fifteen minutes looking for a stall that is 30 seconds closer.

Anyway, I was so pleased with my discovery that I started thinking: What other combinations might work?  So I did some experimenting.

Warning:  Do not try this at home!  Coke and Pepsi products are a carefully balanced combination of chemicals with names no one can pronounce.  Combining them willy-nilly could seriously affect your health.  Like Morgan Spurlock, I have put my body on the line in the name of science so you won’t have to.  You’re welcome.

Coke + Diet Coke tastes like Coke with strong cola notes and a crisp finish
Coke + Diet Pepsi blech
Coke + Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like mud with a hint of blech then a flaccid finish
Barqs + Diet Coke not technically a cola, but I love Barqs… and this combo works
Pepsi + Diet Coke sweat sock soaked in sewage
Pepsi + Diet Pepsi tastes like Pepsi (good if you like Pepsi)
Pepsi + Diet Dr. Pepper tastes less aspartamey but also less Peppery, I believe the Dr. is out
Mountain Dew + Diet Mountain Dew definitely not a cola, but everyone likes ‘Dew; unsurprisingly, this combo works well

One conclusion is immediately apparent: Coke products work best with Coke products, and Pepsi products work best with Pepsi products.  They must have done this on purpose.

Side note: I’ve left Coke Zero out of my tests because I’ve seen Splenda on the bottle, and sugar alcohols make my intestines blow up like pork sausages left in the sun too long.  However, I think the Coke folks recently took out Splenda and put in aspartame, and now Coke Zero and Diet Coke are basically the same thing.  That means my testing should apply equally well to Coke Zero.  Perhaps if I can secure further funding for my experiments I will retest with Coke Zero.

Oh, and the name Coke Float?  That isn’t mine.  I always order my creation in restaurants, as in, “Can I get a Diet Coke with a bit of regular Coke in it?”  One waiter in TGI Fridays replied after some moments of puzzlement, “Oh, a Coke Float.”  So hey, if you are that waiter, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.

And you the reader… if you try these combinations, let me know how it goes.

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